Which type of masks are suitable for surgeries to avoid potential contaminants?

Which type of masks are suitable for surgeries to avoid potential contaminants?

Masks have become one of the essential things these days. It is because of the pandemics and some of the most contagious diseases that can spread through air droplets. Hence, it becomes necessary for doctors to wear disposable surgical masks all the time. Initially, only the doctors wore masks to protect themselves from infections from the patients, but these days, it is essential for everyone to wear masks. The disease-causing virus and the pathogens can be present anywhere, and it can cause infections in everyone.

Hence, using the face masks for germs becomes pretty essential. This article focuses mainly on the masks that are to be used by doctors during surgeries. Also, we would be elaborating on the surgical masks that are to be used by the doctors to avoid the contact of the virus as well.

ASTM, American Society for Testing and Materials has already laid specific testing standards for testing the quality of the masks produced by several manufacturers. Hence, getting the surgical masks that are tested is the most important thing to do to keep you safe and free of any diseases. 

As we already know, there are three levels of testing that are conducted by the ASTM on the disposable surgical masks, and they are as follows

  • The first level face masks for germs can be used for both surgical and procedural uses 
  • Level 2 masks can withstand low-to-medium level sprays of aerosol or any other fluids effectively
  • Level 3 masks are the ones that are tested to withstand and shield the person from high-level fluids or aerosol sprays.

The surgical masks must be worn by the doctors to avoid them from getting in contact with the virus when they are treating the patients. The usage of the masks will reduce health risks.

Different types of masks are used in hospitals. Healthcare professionals are the ones who need these masks.

N95 Respirator

These are the masks that avoid the respiratory droplets from harming you. You must wear these masks properly to prevent the spread of the virus. When the sealing is not proper, it increases the leakage and reduces the effectiveness of the respirator. Though wearing, these are uncomfortable but must be worn by the first responders and healthcare workers to minimize the virus from getting into their bodies. The respirator will filter the particles efficiently. The cool valve will avoid the heat from building inside. It comes with an easy to adjust nose clip.

The respirators are designed to offer protection from viruses. These can filter out airborne particles with ease. They give protection from both small to large size particles. It is the best one to prevent the flu virus. 

Non-Toxic dust mask

This is another type of surgical mask that is worn by healthcare professionals to protect them. It protects people from the irritants and particles that are harmful to the body. It is the mask that offers you protection from pollen, grass, and harmful particles.

Antiviral face mask 

It is the type of mask that offers protection against certain types of viruses. You must wear this type of mask during the flu season to stay out of the viruses that take a toll on your health. The anti-viral ingredients will protect against different viruses such as the influenza virus. 

Surgical face masks

These are easy to fit and are quick to dispose of. These are the disposable surgical masks that are made as per the safety standards. These are widely used by doctors, nurses, and dentists when they are providing treatment to the patients. 

The best part of these masks is that it will not let large droplets from the body fluids that contain viruses and germs to escape through the nose and the mouth. It also protects medical practitioners from the splashes of people when they cough or sneeze. However, the masks that you get in the local drug store would not be able to filter out the virus. You must buy these masks. These masks will have a special kind of mesh that possesses the ability to capture tiny organisms. You need to wear these masks in the right manner. 

These are the few types of masks that are suitable for medical practitioners to wear to avoid the virus that is spread through particulate materials and fluids. These disposable surgical masks are designed by adhering to the regulations set by the country and offer three different levels of bacterial filtration efficiency 

Well, for all those who are associated with medical space, it is mandatory to stay safe at all times. As a doctor, you would have huge responsibilities towards society, and you need to parade hygiene using disposable surgical masks. Also, you need to stay safe, as you may have to treat several other patients with various infections and diseases.

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