When and how to use a surgical face mask?

When and how to use a surgical face mask?

Nowadays, the use of surgical face masks is booming up. The pandemic that hit the world recently showed that people wore it everywhere they went. Newspapers flooded with pictures of people covered up with face masks. The isolated marketplaces witness the customers who rarely walked in safely wrapped up in some medical mouth mask. However, there are always ambiguities on when to use a surgical mask and how to use it effectively. This article shall serve as a guide for those in doubt about these aspects.

When should you use a face medical mask?

There is always a confusion as to where who should wear the face medical masks and when. One must carefully understand the guidelines and safety precautions to ensure that the outbreak of diseases is checked and the desired outcomes are met. The following paragraphs shall detail when one should wear a medical mask.

You need not wear a face medical mask all along if you are a healthy person unless you are subjected to an individual affected with the micro-organism. The caretakers of such a patient must surely wear a surgical mask and must abide by the safety measures.   

Another instance when user should wear a capable medical mouth mask is when you are sneezing or coughing. The reason for this is that while you sneeze or cough, the droplets may spread in the surroundings, and there are high chances that the micro-organisms in it, if ever present in it, shall travel via the air and infects a healthy individual.

An essential point that you must understand is that even if you use the best quality face medical mask, the most out of it cannot be experienced until and unless you wash your hands frequently. You must clean your hands appropriately using either soap and water or a capable alcohol-based sanitizer.

You must be aware of the procedures of using a surgical face mask and the measures for disposing of it before you start using it. Improper use and dispose of medical face masks can bring in opposite effects as that intended while using these protection measures. Instead of safeguarding you, it might not only put you in danger, but a lot more are liable to hazards.

Also, unnecessary usage of face masks cannot be promoted. The reason for this is that you might run out of covers within a short period. Thus, you must use it just when it is required.

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How to use a face medical mask?

The intention behind wearing a surgical face mask will not be served if you are using it correctly. Thus, before setting out to use a medical mouth mask, you must be aware of the methodology to use it. The following excerpts shall discuss on how to use this protection measure in detail.

Before wearing a face medical mask, ensure that you have cleaned your hands with either soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Wear the mask such that you have covered your mouth and nose completely. Ensure that there exists no gap between the mask and your face. Once you have worn it, avoid touching the mask further. If you accidentally touch it, make sure that you clean your hands with water and soap or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer every time.

Once the medical mouth mask gets moist, it should be replaced with a new one. You must never reuse a face medical mask that is designed as a disposable mask intended for single-time use. While removing the cover, particular concerns have to be laid.

One should not touch the surgical mask front side while removing it. For this, remove it from behind. Once it is taken off, dispose of it safely in secured places like closed bins. Make sure that you do not throw it off, especially in public places like parks, beaches, etc.

Once you detach the surgical face mask from your face, make sure that you follow personal hygiene. This can be ensured by washing your hands with water and soap or by using a capable alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Concluding note

Having a thorough awareness of when and how to use a face medical mask can protect you as well as your society from the spread of contagious disease. Thus, you will be a responsible citizen.

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