About us

Surgical Masks are very essential these days, not just to prevent ourselves from the dust and dirt, but also from the deadly viruses. Surgical Face Masks are one of the necessary items to get out of the home. 

Strapit is the leading medical supplies brand in Australia, holding several successful and trusted medical supplies. Surgimask is the Surgical mouth mask from Strapit, which provides protection from all kinds of adverse effects. 

Surgimasks are made in level 2 barrier protection, which is in between level 1 and 3 protection ranges. This is suitable for daily use as well as specific medical use too, and the bacterial filtration efficiency more than 99%. Some of the masks can get really uncomfortable to breathe, but that’s not the scenario with these masks anymore. Strapit made wearing a mask easier with its structure. You can use these for surgical purposes, dental, and clinical practices.