Which side of the surgical face mask is correct?

Which side of the surgical face mask is correct?

Do you know the proper way to wear a surgical mouth mask?

Now that you have probably suddenly become conscious about it, you must be thinking there's actually a specific way to wear it? Can it not be worn on both sides? The answer is no. Let us answer your question: why? 

Imagine you're out at work. You've been wearing the mask all day, exposing one side towards the world, extracting dust, droplets of a person who's sneezing or coughing, the air carrying the viruses and bacterias, filters all those things and gives your fresh breath on the other side. Now imagine, you removed your mask to have lunch and wore it on the opposite side. All the above mentioned unhealthy particles are close to your mouth and go inside when air flows through the surgery face mask. Sounds horrible, right? But this is the fact, and that is why it is essential to wear it properly.

A Surgical face mask's structure is not as simple as it looks. The filters, tissues, cloth polymers are set up in a way to extract as many harmful particles as possible and provide fresh and breathable air. Now that you understand the importance of wearing a mask properly. Let us also see which side is technically correct to wear. 

Which side of the Surgical mouth mask is proper?

Some masks in the market have no indication given to understand which side should face outside and which side goes towards your face. Especially with the cloth masks as they look alike from both sides, it tough to understand and differentiate which side to wear. This is one of the biggest mistakes the surgical mask companies are making. Though it doesn't sound like a huge issue, it can massively impact health by increasing the chances of direct exposure to hazardous air.

But that's not the issue with Surgimask anymore. A surgical mouth mask from Strapit, a leading medical supplies brand in Australia, is here for you and to make the process or application seamless. They've made it very simple to understand which side is correct and made sure to share the instructions about it. They've merely colour-coded the inwards and outwards side of the surgical face mask and here's how it is:


As you can see in the above picture, the proper side of the surgical face mask is given blue colour to indicate the right side easily. On the other side, it is white.

  • Blue coloured side facing outside

  • The white-coloured side towards your face.

Surgimask is a disposable face mask by Strapit, and they took all the required measures not just to produce the right masks but also to make them understand the proper way of using it.

Instructions to wear Surgical mouth mask:

Here are some of the best practices to wear a mask just to be extra careful about it:

  • Wash your hands properly with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer and hold the surgical mouth mask from the ends facing the white side towards your face and blue side outwards.
  • Bring it close to your face and apply the loops on your ears.
  • Adjust the mask to cover your nose and mouth adequately. Remember? The more the coverage, the better the effect.



Here we go. Learning new things about safety one at a time and making our lives better and safer. Surgical mouth masks may sound uncomfortable but crucial than ever these days. So, it is also required to understand how it works to make the most of it. Now avoid the masks that confuse you and get to Surgimask. Go to their website: https://surgicalmask.com.au/ and buy one for you now.

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