What is the price range of an Ideal surgical mask?

What is the price range of an Ideal surgical mask?

Are you wearing masks when you go out these days? Sadly, that’s the situation around the world now. The surgical mask price that used to be very nominal hiked up to 200% with the need and also the price of raw materials rose. But for something that we’ve to use regularly, spending a massive amount of money while you have to change it frequently can be an additional financial burden on the families, especially for those who run on a budget. 

It’s disturbing to realize that the environmental circumstances we live in turned against us rapidly, leaving all of us in a pandemic situation. In many countries, it is mandatory to wear a mask. Some countries came up with the law as people without masks are legally punishable, while some counties are charging a huge fine or jail period. Can you imagine how life is turned with a simple mask? But this is for our own good too. Protective face masks for germs are not just necessary but a must.

Ideal Surgical mask price:

You must have gone through several websites, stores, pharmacies to buy a surgical mask and heard a lot of different prices. But what’s the correct surgical mask price? What’s the difference between expensive masks and affordable masks? Is surgical mask price being bluffed with the demand in the market? We understand how tough it is to have so many doubts about buying a surgical mask. So here we are, to answer all your doubts.

  • Disposable Surgical Mask price:

    Disposable surgical masks are ideal in the current situation as you can just discard the. For surgeons, doctors and other medical staff who get exposed to various patients every day, it is most suitable. Usually, the cost depends on the level of protection (level 1-3) but the current pricing in Australia is around $20-50 per box based on the level of protection.

  • Reusable Surgical masks:

    If non-medical hospital staff like receptionists, accountants, managers, security guards, the exposure directly towards the patients is less. In this case, you don’t have to launder all your money for surgical mask price. Instead, you can buy a reusable mask and use it for longer than the disposable masks.

    Though these are little more expensive than the Disposable masks, the durability is higher, and it lasts longer in comparatively lesser prices. You can find these reusable masks like cloth masks, activated carbon filter masks, etc. These masks cost between 9 AUD to 20 AUD for each piece but last for 1-2 months washing after usage, which is less than the disposable masks as you can use each piece only for 8-10 hours.

  • N95 mask price:

N95 masks are known as high rated protective face masks for germs these days for their efficiency to filter bacteria, viruses and other unseen particles. But along with the improved care, the price increases too. It can cost about 5 - 10 AUD per piece. It might sound a little bit higher as they’re not reusable for a long time, but the optimal layer filtering is very active to prevent any harmful particles reaching your body.

Final Verdict:

Surgical mask prices vary based on the support they provide. Undoubtedly the prices have increased more during this pandemic, but we’re in need and can’t put a price on health. So, choose wisely according to your requirement and plan it in advance to buy in bulk to save some money. Be smart and be safe!

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