Can the surgical face masks be used for regular purposes?

Can the surgical face masks be used for regular purposes?

With the rise in the spread of dangerous viruses, bacterias, and wide-spread pollution, we all are suggested to follow safety measures these days, especially wearing masks when we go out. This helps in reducing the spread of contagious viruses. As the world is going through the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for masks increased rapidly. Not just the doctors, nurses, medical agencies, and hospital staff who generally get exposed to the patients, but also the regular citizens are showing up with faces covered with masks. We're indeed not habituated to wearing masks regularly, so it can be a bit tough to adjust, but crucial in these tough situations. But you must be wondering why surgical masks? Why not regular cloth or plastic masks?

The answer is surgical mouth masks. These work better than the usual ones, and the layered protection helps to filter the viruses, bacterias, and other unseen particles to enter our body through the mouth and nose.

If you have any questions in your mind about the usage of the mask, this article can be helpful for you. We curated as much information as possible to answer your queries about masks usage. Read through and find more information:

How long do we need to opt for medical face masks in the present condition?

Every country is facing the most significant trauma of the century now with the Covid-19 or the so-called Coronavirus. It is spreading through every possible option, taking the lives of millions of people. All we can do is concentrate on self-care. And opting for the Surgical masks not only enables you to be safe but also lets you spread the virus if you're facing any symptoms. 

Taking the current situations under consideration, experts are saying that we should wear the masks at least for one more year as minimum and maximum until there's any vaccine.  

Should everyone be wearing a Surgical mouth mask?

This is the biggest dilemma everyone is going through these days, especially with the growing pandemic. The answer is 'No.' Medical mouth masks are manageable to wear if it is once in a while, but if you have to wear them regularly, it obviously gets irritating. So, do not panic. If you're healthy and not showing any of the flu symptoms, then you don't have to wear a mask. If you and your family members are well, you can just maintain some social distancing and prevent wearing a mask regularly. 

Wearing a mask is always a good idea, even on a regular day. But in case you don't have any symptoms, you don't have to opt for one.

When do you need to wear a mask?

There are several scenarios where you can't avoid the mask. Well, prevention is always better than cure, and who doesn't want to prevent themselves from virus attacks. Right? Then read the following measures carefully and wear the Medical face masks when you have to go through these situations:

  • If you're visiting or taking care of the people with the suspected or confirmed cases of infections. 
  • When you observe mild symptoms like cough or sneeze, make sure to wear a mask. I'm sure we don't want others to get ill because of our mistakes. Isn't it?
  • You must be hearing a lot of news and updated about the number of corona or Covid-19 influenced cases in your area. If your area falls under an Outbreak zone, it is suggested to wear a Surgical mouth mask as much as possible. 
  • If you belong to any kind of hospital staff who gets exposed to patients every day, Surgical masks are mandatory for you. As the exposure rate towards infected people is high, you must follow the safety measure for yourselves and others' sake too.
  • If you tested positive for viruses like Covid-19 or any other infections, along with maintaining the quarantine, you should also wear a medical face mask all the time. Most of these diseases spread through droplets released from coughs or sneeze, which are unstoppable. To reduce this expansion, you're suggested to wear a mask until you get healthier.
  • As much as it is recommended to avoid travel, in case you have to go anywhere outdoors, make sure to wear a mask to protect yourself.

Precautionary measures while using a mask:

Now that we understand when it is mandatory to wear a mask, there are some guidelines you have to follow while using a mask. Let's see further. 

  • Surgical masks work better when you maintain your personal hygiene as well. Wash your hands before wearing a mask with alcohol-based sanitizer or hand wash or soap.
  • Wearing the mask properly to cover nose and mouth is essential. Otherwise, wearing a mask is just a waste of effort.
  • Choose full-coverage masks so that it can cover your face as much as possible. 
  • Do not touch your masks unnecessarily. If you have to do that, make sure your hands are clean and washed properly.
  • It is vital to wear masks, but it is also essential to dispose of them properly. Remove the masks from behind with clean hands. Drop them in a close-lid trash can or in a disposable cover with closed ends. Wash your hands properly after disposing of too.
  • If you're using reusable masks, wash them with disinfectant cleaners every day and dry them thoroughly under the sun so that it can kill the bacterias absorbed from the outside.


As per Leung et al., Nature Medicine (2020) 's Conversation rate, people who tend to wear masks are less exposed to the virus than the people who avoid the masks. According to the recent data, only 11% of the people who wear masks got affected, where 89% members are still safe and sound. At the same time, the rate of getting affected by the virus is 28%, with the people who don't wear masks. To make this world feasible and healthier, Strapit always strives to provide the best medical supplies and stands as the leading medical supplies brand in Australia. Their "Surgimask," the Surgical mask, is one of the best sellers for its features to help avoid contact with germs, bacteria, and viruses. What are you waiting for now? You can visit the website,, and place your order now. Wear a mask and be safe.

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