Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information on the use of a surgical Mouth Mask

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information on the use of a surgical Mouth Mask

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19, the need to wear Surgical Mouth Mask has become essential. The WHO has made the usage of surgical masks mandatory to one and all. As the virus is known to spread through the air droplets from the infected person, wearing these masks can act as preventive measures. 

A few countries have not made the usage of Surgical Mouth Mask mandatory because they don't find the need for everyone to wear them. Generally, the surgical masks are worn by those infected to prevent the air droplets from reaching the others when they cough or sneeze.

  • People that should wear Surgical Mouth Mask mandatorily. 

  • When worn by doctors, nurses, and other people that come in direct contact with the patients, the Surgical Mouth Mask must and should wear the masks. This rule has to be followed to avoid any sort of infection from spreading mutually. 

    Health workers should wear masks all the time, especially during the treatment of the patients, as they would be at high risk at all times.  The doctors would be attending to critical patients, and for them having surgical masks of different types is essential. 

    A Strapit makes these specialized masks, and the medical practitioners can approach them to fulfill their requirements. Doctors need surgical masks that are of different levels. They also need sanitizers, 30-Day Surface, and Protectants, and all these things are made available easily by Strapit. 

  • People that have traveled from different countries 

  • Surgical Mouth Mask is to be worn by people that have traveled to their native land or returned from a region where COVID-19 is spread moderately or widely though these people might be asymptomatic as a precaution wearing the Government of Australia has enforced the masks.  

    There could be many chances with these people coming in contact with a person diagnosed positive for COVID-19. Hence, wearing masks can help them stay safe. Some people that return to their homelands might have to isolate themselves for 14 days or more.  During the home isolation period, the person is expected to wear a surgical mask in certain situations, and they are as mentioned below:

    • If you have to visit the medical practitioner to get a health check-up done or for any other reasons
    • If you have to leave home for some time and need to step out for buying some essentials
    • If you feel that you have symptoms of COVID-19 and you are living amidst a group of people under the same roof 

    At all these circumstances, wearing Surgical masks become mandatory in order to stay safe and not spread the virus further to someone else. 

  • Suspected cases of COVID-19 
  • During a test, if a person is diagnosed as a suspect of COVID-19, surgical masks would be handed over to you by the caretakers. These people are expected to wear their surgical masks without fail when they are visiting an emergency department for their health check-up. These things are to be followed strictly in order to avoid the spread of the disease further to anybody else. 

  • Confirmed cases of COVID -19

  • People that test positive for COVID-19 must and should wear the surgical masks when you are stepping out of your homes. You need to go out only to visit the medical facilities and get your health check-up done. It is recommended that you stay indoors.  Following the instructions are given by health care professionals is mandatory to fight the disease. 

  • Surgical Mouth Mask to be used by the Health care professionals

  • This is a group that is most at risk as they are regularly exposed to the infected people. Apart from the Surgical Masks Melbourne, the health care workers are expected to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like gloves, eye shields, and gowns. These things are made in order to avoid infections.  

  • Where do we get the Surgical masks?

  • For people that are suspected with Coronavirus, seeking treatment from a hospital is mandatory, and this is where the information on the surgical mask is available as well. A lot of GPs that are falling short of surgical masks can get in touch with the Primary health networks (PHNs) to gather information regarding the Surgical Mouth Mask

    But, for those who are hale and hearty, wearing a surgical mouth mask is of no use. Also, evidence that supports the usage of masks in eradicating the pandemic isn't many. Thus, using masks unnecessarily isn't required. 

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