Can the Surgical Face Mask be Re-Used?

Can the Surgical Face Mask be Re-Used?

Nowadays, the world is stuck in fear of the virus pandemic. In such fear, face medical masks are in high demand to save people from the infection. Though, with the rising epidemic, the shortage problem is also arising. You can overcome the shortage with the usage of the reusable surgical mask.

The virus fear is rising among people as the virus passes from humans-to-humans either by the virus surface or droplets of respiration. In this condition, the wise usage of face masks is a must. With the right usage of Strapit Surgimask, it is possible to prevent any virus spreading disease. Both the surgical masks and ordinary cloth masks are in shortage. You can save the environment and your money by reusing the masks with specific considerations.

Avoid contamination and use the reusable surgical mask:

No matter what kind of mask you're using to wear, it is crucial to ensure that it isn't contaminated. It is wise to keep your hands clean and washed before using any mask, or while taking it out. Also, when you take out your face mask, it is advisable to wash hands.

Once you've used any face masks, its outer surface gets into the contamination zone. Now, while removing it, you need to put your hands over the elastics, so avoid touching it from the front surface.

Also, it is advisable to avoid putting your hands on the inside surface since it can contaminate the inner surface too.

Tips for the reusable surgical mask!

Most often, the face masks come on the market for single usage only. In an ideal situation also, it is not wise to use the face masks again after it gets soiled or moist. If you wish to use your face mask again, it is necessary to consider some tips for it:

  • Ensure your mask is dry for long-lasting usage.
  • Avoid placing your chin under the masks when removing it.
  • Don't touch the outer surface of the mask.
  • Store the masks properly after using it to avoid any contamination spreading.
  • Wash your hands after removing the mask.

What do you understand by surgical masks?

Surgical masks are the masks that are used to place over the mouth to avoid any spreading of infection during medical treatment. These masks help to secure the nose and mouth from catching any infection from the sick ones. Typically, surgical masks are taken into use in the healthcare sector, such as emergency services, hospitals, patient faculty, and so on. In the condition of the virus, a certain official recommends covering the mouth using the surgical mask. These masks work effectively to trap any disease or infection contamination.

Specific considerations to secure the reusable surgical mask:

In the first consideration, it is required to ensure that the mask is dry. With the dry mask and all layers intact, it is possible to reuse the mask. After using it once, cover it properly in a zipped pouch or small bag along with the dehydrated gel. This gel works effectively in absorbing all the moisture from the mask and keeping it dry. If the surgical mask is in proper condition and intact without getting torn, then it can be quickly retaken into usage for the next three days. Though it is essential to secure the mask properly. If any sick person is wearing the masks, then it is best not to reuse it. Also, don't share your face mask with anyone.

Let your masks get dry after use:

While taking off a mask from your face, just ensure to remove it with washed hands. After taking it off, place the mask at a place where it can get dry quickly. Or a dehydrated gel can be used to absorb all the moisture from the mask. As per professional recommendation, it is advised to place the mask in a clean and dry container such as a breathable paper bag. Also, avoid using these containers again and dispose of them after usage at one time.

The medicinal professional recommends storing the surgical masks after using it in the paper built containers to avoid it getting pressed or crushed by any heavy object. It can also ensure the usability of your mask for another day.

What is Strapit Surgimask?

With Strapit, you get a chance to invest in the best quality Surgimask. Naturally, it is the surgical masks of Level 2 protection holding TGA approval. These easy to get fit masks are designed with utmost comfort.

The medical practitioners use these masks while performing the surgery or treatment. Other dental or health professionals also choose these level 2 protection Surgimask.

How are our Strapit surgimask superior?

Few of the benefits and reasons supporting the StrapIt Surgimask are present below:

  1. Soft elastic loops: We consider the comfort level should be high while wearing the masks. With the mellow elastic loops, these masks don't leave any marks after using them.

  2. Sound breathability: The best part of wearing a surgical mask is that you could enjoy sound breathability, which is less than equal to 1.8 Delta.

  3. Good bacteria filtration: With our face masks, you won't face any issues of bacteria getting on the inner surface of the masks. We serve our customers with a proper bacteria filtration featuring surgical masks.

  4. Standard non-woven material: With our surgical mask, you get the standard quality non-woven material. It ensures the masks reusability is higher. Though, washing hands before using it or taking it off is a must.

With the surgery face mask, it is possible to restraint any bacteria, virus, or fluid interaction with the nose and mouth.

For the grading, you can learn that the surgical masks are present on three levels. In level 3, there's the highest face protection. Level 2 also works as the best protection from viruses or bacterial fluids. When willing to ensure security from your outdoors, it is best to use the Level 2 reusable surgical mask. Avoid getting contaminated with any bacterial droplets or splashes in this virus pandemic using the Strapit Surgimasks available only on

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