Back to Work N95 Face Mask Guide for Prevention of Pollution and Infection Transmission

Back to Work N95 Face Mask Guide for Prevention of Pollution and Infection Transmission

N95 face masks and respirators are an inherent part of a personal protective equipment kit that is used to guard the wearer against airborne elements and liquid particles infecting the face. Wearing respiratory protection equipment might seem troublesome, but without it, exposure to airborne viruses, microorganisms, and contaminants can cause both short-term and long-term health hazards. Considering the present global health hazard, the use of an n95 surgical face mask is not only important but extremely crucial.

The Nomenclature of N95 Surgical Mask

Respirators or N95 surgical masks can block up to 95% minuscule airborne particles containing various viruses that cause different flues. The masks comprise three layers of electrostatically-charged microfibres that are responsible for obstructing the tiny particles in the air. These masks are ideal for one-time use. The N95 mask stands out from the gang of ordinary face masks as they have high filtration efficiency.

Importance of Use of N95 Surgical Mask

The purpose of respiratory protection is to safeguard the workers from being exposed to the contaminated air, loaded with gases, pollutants, fume, smoke, specks of dust, and various kinds of microorganisms. Nowadays, not only workers, everyone should wear an N95 surgical mask to fight against the spread of the harmful virus. It might appear like a botheration to wear this respiratory protection every time one goes out, but it should never be overlooked. The airborne particles and pollutants, no matter how small they are, can lead to major health hazards. If unchecked, airborne threats may cause lung malfunctions, cancer, and global pandemics like the current situation.

An N95 mask is a respiratory shielding device designed to reach a very tight facial fit and a competent filtration capacity of airborne particles. This is a disposable mask and strictly meant for one-time usages. The peripheries of the mask are designed to form a cover around the nose and mouth. The surgical N95 mask is usually used in the healthcare domain and is a subcategory of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators (FFRs).

N95 Masks vs. Surgical Masks

An N95 mask is much more efficient in filtering out minute airborne contaminants while a normal surgical mask is a loose-fitting facial shield that unknowingly allows various viruses and infections to come in contact with the wearer. With the lower filtration efficiency, the surgical mask price is much lower as compared to n95.

Benefits of N95 Masks

N95 masks offer unparalleled protection against all contaminants. The N95 surgical mask has been meticulously tested in pandemic preparedness research, and it was found as an outcome that this category of surgical mask offers satisfactory protection against many substances causing various flues and epidemics. 

They are light in weight and have an in-built inner layer for extra comfort. Elastic head straps are sonic welded to lessen the burden at pressure points. An N95 surgical mask contours with the face's natural profile, making it comfortable and easy to wear for long hours.

All the regulatory bodies in the global health space have recommended using an N95 surgical mask for the general public to guard themselves against large-scale contaminations and health hazards, including the present-day global pandemic. 

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